Boyd's Outlaw Sleep Center

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Why the OUTLAW name?

Jerry Boyd started selling mattresses and furniture pretty much right out of college. He would work in many different furniture stores over then next 40 years but, found his niche selling mattresses. He quickly realized the importance of a good night's sleep and that people would pay nearly anything to get a solid 8 hours of ZZZ's.

So much so, that most people paid way too much for their name brand mattresses.

Boyd began bucking the industry. He wanted to find quality mattresses at a more affordable price! During those weekly sales meetings he would argue that the less advertised mattress companies were older, more established and the money they didn't spend in advertising went into product development and to make thier product better.

This philosophy and his no-nonsence approach to business earned him the nickname "Outlaw".  "They would be in thier sales meeting and they would say ... Look here comes the Outlaw!", said Boyd.

The name "Outlaw" would stick with Boyd throughout the years and would prove to be a unique advertising tool. Infact, he actually registered and trademarked the name........... "Outlaw Prices".

True to his name Jerry quit selling the highly advertised brand name mattresses about 16 years ago. Boyd now sells the lesser known brands with better warranties for less; Spring Air, Diamond Mattress, Southerland and Chattam & Wells. "Chances are the coils in these mattresses as well as the big named mattresses come from the same manufacturer!" The warranties are better than the big guys; our Diamond Mattresss Company from California offers a full 20 year warranty and comes with a 100 day exchange offer. Plus, its copper infused foam has many health benefits and is 12 times more breathable.

Jerry, Lynda, Cody, Shannon, Austin & Andrew along with the entire crew of Boyd's Outlaw Sleep Center is located next to Dairy Queen on Stockton Hill Road.



Monday - Sunday: 9:00 am-6:00 pm